5th International Conference
on Web Engineering

25-29 July 2005 Sydney, Australia

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Prizes and Awards

Prizes and Awards:

The following prizes will be awarded during the ICWE conference:

1.  Best Paper Award and Best Student Paper Award: These awards are awarded to those papers which the judging panel views as contributing most to the advancement of the Web Engineering discipline. To be eligible for the best student paper award, the first named author must have been a student at the time the paper was written and the paper must be predominantly reporting their work.

2.  Best presentation Award:  This award will be presented to the paper presentation which the judging panel feels best demonstrated the effective delivery of a paper, particularly in terms of informing the audience, and engaging them in developing a clearer understanding of Web Engineering concepts.

3.  Best reviewer Award: The paper reviewers play a critical role in the peer-review process, and typically contribute significant amounts of time and expertise, often with very little recognition.  This award is intended to explicitly recognise the reviewers, and will be awarded to the reviewer who the judging panel feels best contributed to the evaluation of papers. This includes showing both insight into papers and providing constructive feedback to the authors.


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